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Interview with Pattie Simone, founder of WomenCentric®

Dear Pattie,


Could you share your background prior to starting WomenCentric®?

I’ve worked in a few different industries, including advertising, textile manufacturing, yellow pages account management and non-profit companies. My experience covers production planning, advertising account production, customer service, sales, business development and marketing management and fundraising.

Pattie Simone

Pattie Simone

Been on an entrepreneurial path since 1988, when I went into business with my sister-in-law in a new, handcrafted-by-juried -American-artisans concept retail shop. When I first went out on my own, I did a variety of marketing communications planning & writing work for small to mid sized companies.

In 2003 I started writing as a reporter, covering events for a daily paper. I’ve since compiled over 650 bylines covering bridal, features and business in a variety of print and online newspapers, magazines, online publications and blogs.

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