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Interview with Amethyst Wyldfyre by Elisa Balabram

Dear Amethyst,

It is great to connect with you.

Could you share with’s readers, your background prior to becoming a Shaman, Sound Healer and Soul’s Path Coach?


Amethyst Wyldfyre

Great to connect with you too!! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share and be of service!  So here is the story….

Up until about 8 years ago I was a Real Estate Developer and Common Interest Community Manager.  In my final years of that 18+ year career I developed a multi-use community of 51 single family homes, 56 apartments and an office building called “Crosswoods Path” (maybe a little hint from the Universe that I’d be moving into helping others with navigating their own Path?? Perhaps!)  In my final year of that project I was also the National Chairwoman for my trade association CAI – the Community Associations Institute and I traveled all over the nation speaking to local chapters and leaders in the field as well as representing the voice of the 1 in 8 homeowners across the country at that time who lived in common interest communities on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.  I was a consultant to several Fortune 500 real estate development companies including Pulte Home Corporation and K. Hovnanian, to the United States Agency for International Development (U.S.AID), the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the World Bank.

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Interview with Helen Kim – Money Relationship Mentor

Dear Helen,

Could you share with’s readers about your background prior to becoming a Money Relationship Mentor?

Helen Kim

Helen Kim

From the age of nine until I began this work, I was in the performing arts. I was a performing cellist, worked and consulted for Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center and was also an agent at one of the largest performing arts agencies where I put my own artists on the international stages. The rigorous discipline required to be a performer and the knowledge that a great performance is part practice, part inspiration and part innovation taught me some basic lessons about life and business.

What inspired you to become a Money Relationship Mentor?

My “financial awakening” came when I realized I had made the same amount of money for 10 years straight. Once I stopped making up excuses and dealt with the grief that came with facing that reality, I decided to seek ways to understand why I had created that situation in my life. Fast forward, based on my own experience and my insatiable appetite to understand what drives us to do what we do I now strive to help raise consciousness through the portal of money.

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