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Kristin Marquet, founder of Marquet Publishing and Marquet Communications

EB: What was your education and professional experience?  Were they helpful to starting your businesses?

Kristin Marquet

Kristin Marquet

Kristin: My passion is writing, thus I majored in English/Literature in college.  While in college, my hobby was writing on dating and relationships.  My hobby evolved into a blog and e-newsletter  that flourished into an interactive community where women discuss problems, ask questions, or get advice.  This was the birth of Marquet Publishing.

Then after college, I could not find a writing job that paid enough, so I changed my plan and researched jobs that would enable me to write while making decent money.  It took some time, but I eventually landed the role of the head of marketing for a law firm.  After the firm gained media attention from the website, articles, and press releases, other non-competing firms noticed and hired me to freelance for them.  After a year, I left the firm and worked as a consultant while I created my pr company.

EB: When did you establish your businesses?

Kristin: I established Marquet Publishing in 2005 and Marquet Communications in 2007. Read more