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Interview with Jennifer Shaheen, founder of The Technology Therapy Group

EB: Dear Jennifer:You’ve been contributing to since March 2007, when we published our 6thissue. We truly appreciate your expert contribution. Through your articles, our readers came to learn a lot about internet marketing, social media, website design and content and just a little bit about yourself and your own experience. I thought it would be interesting to also learn more about how you got started, the challenges you faced and overcame, and your successes. Would you share your journey with our readers?

Jennifer Shaheen

Jennifer Shaheen

Could you tell us about yourself before becoming an entrepreneur?

Jennifer: I think I have always been an entrepreneur at least that is what my family tells me.  I grew up in Providence, RI and as a kid I was always coming up with crazy business ideas. One idea was a yardsale that had a friend of mine dressed like the Easter Bunny for neighborhood kids to take pictures with.  Even then I was looking for a hook to get people to stop and shop.

EB: What was your education and professional experience? Were they helpful to starting your business?

Jennifer: My journey is a bit different, I started my 3rd business my junior year of college.  That’s the business I have today.  My first two businesses were launches and failures out of the gate because I didn’t understand the importance of planning and relationships.  My third attempt was different – I used the professors in my business school at Hofstra University as an advisory board.  They allowed me the flexibility to learn and really use what was being taught in class as value for planning my business.  The answer is yes my education and professional experience was very helpful. Read more

Monique Hayward, Author of “Divas Doing Business”

EB: Dear Monique:

It’s been over a year since we featured you on Could you give us an update on your business?

Monique Hayward

Monique Hayward

Monique:  Dessert Noir Café & Bar in Beaverton, Oregon, has now been open for four years as of January 29, 2009.  In addition to delivering great desserts, fantastic cocktails, and delectable savory dishes, we focus on supporting the local community and being “the place” in Beaverton for live music, local art, and special events.  (And a few celebrity appearances from Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman, a close business advisor and mentor; screenwriter Mike Rich; Columbia Sportswear’s chairman Gert Boyle; and others have helped generate buzz, too.)

Since we last touched base, Dessert Noir Café & Bar has received more local recognition in the media, including a feature as “Restaurant of the Week” on KATU Channel 2’s “AM Northwest” news magazine show and a highlight as a “Hot Spot for Romantics” in the “Destination: Beaverton” special section of The Oregonian.  We’ve also made some strides on the national stage with having one of our “liquid dessert” cocktail recipes featured in Mocha, food writer Michael Turback’s 2007 book on chocolate and coffee. Read more