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Marsha Firestone and WPO

Marsha Firestone founded the Women President’s Organization (WPO) to promote economic security for women by accelerating the growth of women owned businesses and women led businesses.

Marsha Firestone

Marsha Firestone

Marsha was working for the American Woman’s Economic Development Corporation (AWED – a not for profit organization that assisted and trained women in starting and running their businesses) as the vice president of training over 12 years ago. She realized that although there were services for start-ups and young businesses, there were none for women who had already achieved a certain level of success. She was expecting to become the president of AWED, and planning to establish the division that would assist existing businesses. Since the position was not offered to her, she saw the opportunity to start WPO in 1997.

Marsha has an expertise in adult learning theory and in small group communications and she was able to combine her educational background with her experience assisting small businesses to create this small group learning experience for thriving women in business.
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